If you’re choosing a subcontractor, the answer is “Yes.”

Here’s why…

Choosing an experienced subcontractor is key for several reasons:

  • Work on your project must be completed on time, avoiding delays that could be costly and to meeting project goals.
  • This includes the effective management of materials as well as labour.
  • Unforeseen circumstances make it vital that the service your subcontractor provides is dynamic and personalized and that they show commitment to making your goals a reality.
  • You need the job done to the highest standards of quality and safety.
  • You need a subcontractor with a high level of experience and knowledge and one that commands a strong reputation in their industry.

You can’t afford to take chances.

Let me explain…

Time and cost overruns can have a multitude of causes.

A recent study of the construction industry shows that poor planning, unreliable suppliers, unreliable subcontractors and shoddy workmanship, among other possible problems, can all add to delays and cost overruns.

In multiyear projects, studies also show that costs rise an average of 5% per year for every one year of a construction project.

Subcontractors competing on price alone can also fall into precarious situations that benefit no one. Ballooning time and cost overruns, disputes and even litigation can stifle your project. Now let me pose a question…

What would it mean to the success of your project if you made the right choice?

Imagine for a moment that work on your project is finished; on time and on-budget…

The subcontractor you chose understood the importance of teamwork, providing high levels of personalized service to ensure they met your needs.

Completion of their work was made timely by effective management of labour and materials, without compromising the industry-leading standards of craftsmanship on which they pride themselves.

And now, you’re a satisfied customer.

Your next choice is important.

Comren uses specialized databases in their cost estimating software to ensure estimates are comprehensive and accurate.

The team at Comren draws on years of experience.

Their expertise and dedication to the highest quality of work shows in each of their past projects, and their commitment to teamwork and quality is shown by their reputation as a leader in their industry.

Choose Comren – your wall and ceiling specialist – because, more than a subcontractor; they’re your partners.