Steel Stud Framing

Comren is a steel stud company, first and foremost. Comren takes charge of all aspects of the steel stud framing including, in their entirety, Division 5, 05400 Cold-Formed Metal Framing and Division 9, 09100.

Division 5
05400 Cold-Formed Metal Framing

  • 05410 Load-Bearing Metal Stud
  • 05420 Cold-Formed Metal Joists
  • 05430 Slotted Channel Framing
  • 05400 Metal Support

Division 9
09100 Metal Support Assemblies

  • 09110 Non-Load Bearing Wall Framing
  • 09120 Ceiling Suspension
  • 09130 Acoustic Suspension
  • 09190 Metal Frame Restoration

Architects, designers, and building owners are the big winners with steel stud framing

We are attuned to the benefits that steel stud framing has afforded the industry, not only from a construction perspective, but a design one as well: with architects, designers and building owners being the chief beneficiaries. Knowing a trustworthy, solid foundation will be established allows design teams to think outside the box, creating newsworthy building achievements from the ground up.

Comren involves design and structural engineers in our process to account for wind and axial load bearing steel studs and other natural, environmental or structural factors.

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